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Moisturizers are to hydrate the skin. They increase the water content of the skin, giving it a smooth appearance. They also provide a barrier against the Trans-epidermal i.e. loss of water from the surface of the skin. Moisturizers contain special ingredients that help to replace the oils contained in the skin and prevent loss of moisture from the skin.

Now days there is a bombardment of a new marketing claim every other day either it be anti-aging, lifting etc etc and a new miracle ingredient that can take care of all of your skin problems is introduced almost every month, with so much of choices and marketing gimmicks out their in the skin care industry it sometimes becomes very difficult for a person to make a right product choice and at the same time that suits his/her needs.

While writing this I recall that old commercial of Olay for their oil of Olay beauty fluid that was “moisture (fly away) evaporates from skin just like it happens with apple but you are lucky that you can have oil of Olay that protects moisture of your skin"
 Simple and a right message but know new ingredients have been introduced in a moisturizer to tackle various problems that skin suffers from as it aged as every one knows that prevention is better than cure.
Key Ingredient to look for in good anti-aging moisturizer are


Topical antioxidants save cells from a significant amount of environmental damage, Antioxidants work their magic by turning free radicals—molecules that form in the body when you’re exposed to UV light and other environmental assault, stopping them from causing inflammation, DNA mutations, and collagen loss. That’s why adding a layer of topical antioxidants in the morning can help prevent wrinkles, spots, and maybe even skin cancer.

But with so many numbers of antioxidants being packed into more creams and serums than ever, choosing the right one can be really perplexing. Antioxidant is only effective in a high enough concentration and in a stable formulation.Jar packaging is a big no.Make sure that antioxidants should be listed in the begginning of the ingriedient list (as3,4,5 ingriedient )or at least some where in the middle ,to make sure that they are present in high enough concentration.

Top five antioxidants which are most researched and proven for their anti-aging action are:

GREEN TEA(Camellia sinensis)
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