Analyze your skincare product

Analyze your skincare product

Unveil the chemistry behind ingriedients present in your skincare product and what they are actually doing in the formulation.
Simply Click here and write all the ingriedients respectively as they are listed in the ingriedient list  or  simply paste it all at once separated by commas (,) so that analyzer can read it properly.

Check whether it is comedogenic (clog your pores),which leads to blackheads,whiteheads,blemishes and acne especially in oily skin types.
Will it cause irritation (redness and allergy)which leads to inflammation and speeds up aging process.

It is rated on the scale of 1-5, if the comedogenecity of any ingriedient is higher i.e 4/5 and it is listed in the beginning of the ingriedient list (first 5,6 ingriedients) it should be avoided by oily (blackhead and acne prone skin) as well as combination and normal skin types, only suitable for dry to very dry skin types .
Higher the number of comedogenic ingriedients in the list higher the risk of pore clogging which leads to blackheads and blemishes.

Risk of irritation:
It is rated on the scale of 1-5, if  the risk of irritation of any ingriedient is higher i.e 4/5 and it is listed in the bigginning of the ingriedient list(first 5,6 ingriedients) it should be avoided by all skin types especially sensitive one.

 you can also search your product in the database of already analyzed products.
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