Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Are Lipsticks So Dangerous?

Why Are Lipsticks So Dangerous?

A high-tech (laser-induced spectroscopy) analysis recently applied to four different lipstick brands showed levels of cadmium and lead—toxic heavy metals—that were much higher than permissible safe limits for human health. Not only can these toxins in lipstick cause carcinogenic dermatitis, but they’ve also been linked to kidney damage, nervous system disruption, and systemic lupus erthematosus

According to Dr Annlouise( first lady of nutrition):

Heavy metals are only some of the toxins in lip products. Always read labels carefully—even on natural lipsticks and lip balms. Here’s just some of what you want to avoid:
• artificial fragrances (potential allergens) and flavorings, which encourage you to lick your lips (the main cause of chapping)
• benzophenones (allergens and hormone disrupters)
• microcrystalline and synthetic waxes (often petroleum-based)
• parabens (linked to some female cancers)
• phthalic anhydride (made from the active ingredient in moth balls, which can lead to confusion, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting)
• polyisobutane (an allergen).

You can’t even trust lip gloss made for kids. These products often contain coal tars, which cause cancers in animals, and are a frequent source of allergic reactions—including hives and rashes. BTW, skin allergies are one of the main reasons that people develop dry, cracked lips in the first place.

One of the reasons that lip products are so easily ingested is that they are largely liquid based—so that they’ll spread color on your mouth evenly and smoothly. But this means they’re all too easily eaten along with foods or licked off.

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