Monday, April 11, 2011

Does chemical Sunscreen Cause More Harm than Good?

Does chemical Sunscreen Cause More Harm than Good?

Chemical sunscreens those contain benzophenones like( oybenzone,benzophenone-3) are a free radical generator,can trigger allergic reactions.Most of other chemical sunscreen agents like cinnamates,salicylates etc have skin sensitizing properties especially for sensitive skin individuals and can cause irritations,burning ,itching etc.
I always recommend using mineral sunscreen contaning zinc oxide .Zinc is a mineral helpful for skin health and healing.It reflects the UVradiation rather than absorbing it like chemic
So what are other safe alternatives ?
Do you pratice safe sun?
Are you protecting yourself inside out?

Read the article by Dr Ann louise Edge on health blog to learn,
how you can protect yourself in a best possible

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